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‘Living to learn - learning for life’

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Welcome to Glenthorne Community Primary School on behalf of its Governors and Staff.

We are delighted you have chosen us and will be connected with all that goes on at our school through the education of your child. Every child is unique, and has talents. We are here to develop those talents with right encouragement and they can be inspired by good teaching.

At Glenthorne we believe that we are a real community and progress can take place only through trust and respect. Family involvement is invaluable in your child’s development and it is through this we will ensure your child progresses well through school.

All our staff, teaching and support, are friendly and approachable, caring and committed to doing the best for your child. We are always available and welcome your concerns and praise. All parents and families are warmly invited to visit our school, to meet our staff and children and see what a fantastic environment Glenthorne is.

Leanne Bridgwood

Head Teacher

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